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Provincial Grand Lodge visit to The Bewick Lodge 5988         To view all of the pictures taken on the evening via the Provincial Flickr feed click here.


  WM W Bro David Watson with the Officers of The Bewick Lodge 5988 for 2018-2019


                     WM with his Wardens, accompanied by W Bro John David Watts



WM with the Immediate Past Master Ian Silcock and his son Paul Silcock who is Senior Deacon







WM W Bro Ian Silcock with officers of The Bewick Lodge for 2016-2017




 W Bro Ian Silcock with his son Paul 

Ian & Paul.jpg


W Bro William Talbot on being presented with the 2021 Festival Bronze Award 

W Bro Bill.jpg



Bro Paul Smith providing harmony at the festive Board


Paul Smith.jpg


Visit to Canongate & Leith No 5 Lodge Edinburgh 26th September 2017 on the occasion of returning a coffee pot which had originally been presented to the Worship Master in 1895.


 The coffee pot had come into the possession of W Bro William Talbot of The Bewick Lodge 5988 from a work colleague who was going to throw it away!  It has now been returned to it's home in Edinburgh.













                Bro Alan Johnson achieving Provincial Honours (PPrGPurs)  23 June 2018






Summons for W Bro Mel Stephenson PPrJGW Promotions Meeting  at The Lancastrian Suite Dunston 30 Nov 2018

IMG_20181201_190527.jpg                                    IMG_20181130_192223.jpg


W Bro Mel Stephenson  WM 2014-15 

 Worshipful Master 2014-15.jpg A.jpg




        W Bro David Ward  Worshipful Master 2015-16 with Lodge members & visiting Provincial Officers 

     Bewick hall 2.jpg


    W Bro David Ward - Worshipful Master 2015-16

Worshipful Master 2015.JPG


W Bro Ian Silcock  WM 2016-18 with Son Paul

 Ian & Paul Silcock 6th June 2015.JPG


The Bewick Lodge 5988 Christmas Meeting 4th December 2019.   Fundraising evening on behalf of FACT.   Fighting all Cancers Together.  A very enjoyable evening with £415 raised. Well done to all.




Our Very own Bro Paul Smith providing harmony.  Many Thanks Paul


Paul Silcock, initiated into Freemasonry 6th May 2015 by his father W Bro Ian Silcock.

Paul Silcock, initiated into Freemasonry 6th May 2015 by his father W Bro Ian Silcock.

Paul Silcock, initiated into Freemasonry 6th May 2015 by his father W Bro Ian Silcock.Paul & Ian SilcockProvincial Team visit 02 JUNE 2015Our Worshipful Master 2014-15 Mel StephensonOur Worshipful Master 2015-16  David WardRemember whenRemember whenBewick  Festive boardHe may well laughPGM\'s speechPGM with WM David Ward, DC Ian Silcock and FC Paul SilcockThe Bewick Lodge 5988 with Provincial OfficersW Bro William Talbot having been presented with the 2021 Festival Bronze AwardIan Silcock & Robin Bell AylmoreOfficers of The Bewick Lodge 2016Ian & Paul Silcock  Installatiion 2016