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Mon, 4th January 2021


Greetings Brethren and all our readers. I trust you are all well and keeping safe in these uncertain times.   Well, it was too much to hope for when back in August we thought we were seeing some light at the end of a rather long tunnel.  We were going to be allowed to have a maximum of 6 persons together but practicing social distancing, along with much sanitizing.  When we looked into the practicalities of this and along with the ages and vulnerbility of some of the brethren, myself included, we concluded it just wasn't worth the risk.  This along with the closure of our, and many other Masonic Halls we had no option but to put all our Masonic activity on hold. What we didn't know was just how long this would be for.

The Prime Minister has just announced that we are going into lockdown from midnight and it will be expected to last until mid-February so we will not be resuming our Masonic activities anytime soon.  We have however been keeping in touch through the year via Zoom video meetings and have enjoyed chats and quizes but these are no substitute for our regular meetings in the Lodge which are sorely missed by all.    We are due to have our annual Installation ceremony on Wednesday 7th April. We can but hope we are successful the second time round as we were in lockdown last April and were unable to have the ceremony.

One positive is that we now have not one but two vaccines which are in the process of being rolled out.  We still have to obey the mantra of  face   space   and wash your hands which unfortunately some people don't think applies to them but the majority of people I have encountered are obeying the rules and more power to them as keeping our distance etc along with the vaccine we will hopefully beat this virus.        So stay safe and come through these uncertain times in one piece so we can enjoy our Masonry once more.

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Fri, 21st August 2020

Resumption of Masonic Meetings - Update

Dear Brethren,   First, I hope you are all keeping safe and well. We have been the green light from Grand Lodge to resume our Meetings (with certain restrictions.) However, The Bewick Lodge shares the Masonic Hall with several other Lodges/Chapters etc so there are lots of factors to take into consideration before any of us can resume.  The Gateshead Masonic Hall Company have decided that with the current restrictions due to Covid-19 it is not worth the risk to open at this time so they are deferring things until January 2021 at the earliest (unless circumstances change).  They have their A.G.M on the 31st Aug so we hope to have an update after that.     Remember,  Stay Safe Out There.    Your health comes first.